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 Personalized therapeutic services in luxurious Adriatica Village. 


Therapeutic touch combined with yoga and mindfulness for relaxation at a different level.

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Helping You Live

Your Best LifeTM

At Stone Massage & Wellness, LLC we will tailor a program of bodywork that fits your physical needs as well as bring your mind and spirit into synch with your body. Our holistic approach aids and enhances your body’s natural healing ability resulting in an overall feeling of wellness. Our State licensed therapists work with your body and listen to what it tells them, rather than forcing the muscles to respond resulting in pain and stress reduction. We are here  “Helping You Live Your Best Life™.”



"If you want a massage, you need to go see Tami! She has been my massage therapist for the past 9 years. She really is the best! She is excellent to catering each massage to each client based on needs, pressure, etc. She has extensive knowledge about bodies and muscles and proves it in every massage given. Every time I leave I feel so much better and can't wait until my next appointment!"



"Tami is fantastic! I run roughly 14 miles per week, and also run the Savage and Spartan Races, the Frisco Trails 15k, Banderra 50k, the Rocky Raccoon 50 miler, as well as a few half marathons every year. Tami helps keep my body in tune, so I can continue this pace  at 43 years old. If you are an active person, and want to feel great! I highly recommend Tami!" 



"I can't say enough about how great Tami is! She is able to find all of the places that feel tight and helps relieve them. I love that she has a "system" that helps her know how much pressure I prefer. She is very professional, makes me feel comfortable, and I love her space. I look forward to each appointment and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I wish I was able to visit her everyday!"



" With Tami's help and a lot of common sense on my part, in regards to my physical activities, I have been able to manage my pain, without drugs and without surgery. Tami is the best at what she does, she has a true gift, in my opinion and I would recommend her to anyone suffering with any type of chronic pain. What a blessing it is that she is able to use her gift to help me and others in pain, and I am beyond thankful. "

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